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The lifeblood of any casino is truly its games. Without the thrill of the reels, the role of the dice, or the flipping of the cards, a casino wouldn’t be exciting. People want to gamble to play fun games and have a good time, and that holds for BGaming casinos, land-based casinos, and even “hybrid” ones (those that may have a physical presence but offer an online option). Without the games, gambling isn’t as entertaining. BGaming is a relative newcomer to the online gaming scene. Established in 2018, it quickly rose to prominence with some incredibly fantastic slots. Now, you can find BGaming’s products at most casinos. Read on to learn more about these fantastic slots and what makes BGaming a phenomenal development studio!

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Why Play at BGaming Casinos

There are dozens of companies producing online pokies. Some of them are particularly well-known, like Yggdrasil or Netent. If you load up an online casino, you’ll almost assuredly see slots by either of those providers. BGaming is smaller than those providers, but they have four unique reasons why their games keep people coming back for more (and why this company has grown so drastically in the past four years!). Find out more about BGaming Casinos here!

Best Online Casinos Australia (July 2024)

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Welcome Bonus Up to A$1000 + 100 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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Welcome Bonus Up $2500 + 250 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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Hot Let's Lucky
Welcome Bonus Up To AUD 4500 + 300 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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4 King Billy
Welcome Bonus A$ 2500 + 250 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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5 Oshi
Welcome Bonus Up To $6000 + 200 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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6 Rolling Slots
Welcome Bonus 260% Up to A$4500 + 260 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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7 JoeFortune
Welcome Bonus Up To AUD 5000 + 450 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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8 Slotman
Welcome Bonus Up To A$ 5.000 + 150 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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9 Lucky Dreams
Welcome Bonus Up to $10 000 + 500 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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Welcome Bonus Get up to $6000 AUD + 150 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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%bonus_type% %bonus_main_text% %bonus_small_text% 18+ / T&C Apply

They Are Truly Innovative

BGaming is innovative. You only have to look at one of their most well-known games, Elvis Frog in Vegas, to understand why this company is unique. The entire slot is about a frog that looks like Elvis in a cartoon world loosely based on Las Vegas. It combines everything gamblers like into one slot – Vegas, excellent graphics, a unique experience, and plenty of chances to win! It’s not merely slots where BGaming is showing its innovative skills. They also have other games, like Scratch Dice, Rocket Dice, and many others, that take on classic games and turn them into fun gambling adventures.

They Have Many Casinos Working with Them

There are numerous BGaming casinos. They list over 35 casinos on their site, and that number is increasing. BGaming is quickly becoming one of the many standard games providers that new online casinos add. The fact that they can add partners continuously shows that people trust the products they are delivering.

BGaming Puts the Player First

Arguably, one of the best aspects of BGaming is that they put the player first. Go to any one of the slot description pages on BGaming’s site, and you’ll see just how much this company clearly understands its target market. They have an image about the slot, a short description, a link to a demo slot to test it out, and a little bar with a bunch of information about it. That information includes any special features (like the ability to buy the bonus), the volatility, the RTP, the maximum win, and the release date.

Scroll down more, and you’ll see a description of the slot, a comprehensive list of all the bonus features, and a small video demo. On a simple, straightforward page, prospective players have everything they need to evaluate whether or not this is a slot they will want to check out. You’ll know the volatility, RTP, and other essential facts. Furthermore, you can even take it for a free test drive before going to your favourite online casino to play it! These pages are just one example of how BGaming knows what players want!

Provably Fair Technology Provides Confidence for Both Casino and Player

BGaming was the first provider to introduce “provably fair” technology. Effectively, this concept means that every game that you play on BGaming is mathematically provably random. Technically, this concept is fascinating. BGaming calculates the result of the spin before the game starts. They also generate a secret and concatenate those two pieces of information. BGaming hashes that info and sends it to the player.

Players can place the client seed to a special input, either as a number chosen by the system or as a number they pick. BGaming takes the client seed and applies it to the result as the gameplay happens. Once the round completes, they pass the result and secret and the final result to the player. If you’re not a developer, the above description may sound a little convoluted, but the ultimate result is that people can prove that the games are truly random and not affected by their bets.

Best BGaming Games

Being a relative newcomer to the online games provider scene, BGaming does not have the same robustness to its portfolio as other companies like Evolution and Pragmatic Play. However, this company has produced several fantastic slots and other casino games in their short time.

BGaming Slots

BGaming offers many online slots for players. Like most games providers, some slots have proven to be bigger hits than others. The five BGaming slots you’ll most definitely want to check out are:

  • Elvis Frog in Vegas: This slot is an absolute classic that is super entertaining.
  • Cover Bonanza: With a high RTP and the ability to buy the bonus round, this slot is one of BGaming’s best, even if it’s one of their newer creations.
  • Squidpot: If you like the concept of a futuristic-looking slot combined with jackpots, you’ll love Squidpot. Graphically, it’s one of the cooler-looking games available today.
  • Road 2 Riches Jackpot: Jackpots and cars – two classics that will never get old!
  • Bonanza Billion: If you’re a fan of the candy games, this is the one you’ll want to play!

Of course, BGaming offers many other slots outside of the ones listed above. However, those five are some of the best ones you’ll find with this provider.

BGaming Live Games

BGaming does not offer any live games, unfortunately. So there are no BGaming casinos that will have live games from this provider.

BGaming Other Games

Some of this company’s best innovations come from their non-slot games. BGaming offers many traditional classic table games, including blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and roulette. However, they also offer some very unique unconventional games. These games are entertaining, frequently giving the player the chance to control the outcome somehow (rather than merely watching the reels of a slot machine spin).

Two of BGaming’s best non-traditional games are Space XY and Rocket Dice. Space XY is a fun game concept that you won’t find with many other competitors. In this game, a rocket ship launches, going from the Earth to outer space. You place a bet on this ship, and when the rocket ship launches, it starts at a 1x multiplier. As the ship climbs into space, the multiplier increases in a quadratic fashion. It starts climbing slowly, but the multiplier is snowballing after a while. At some point, the ship will “crash.” You don’t know when that will happen. It might be at 1.05x, or it might be at 10x. You have a cash-out button. Pressing that button at any time will win with the multiplier at that time. However, if you wait too long and the spacecraft crashes, you’ll lose your wager. Every round is unique and thrilling in its own right!

Rocket Dice is a simple but fun game where you pick whether or not the dice will be over or under a number you choose. The odds calculate with your choice. For example, picking under 12 (which includes rolls 1-11) only pays 1.01x your wager, but selecting over 11 (which is only 12) would pay 35x your bet. If you love craps, you’ll love this game!

BGaming Casino Bonus

Most online gaming providers offer bonuses to encourage people to join their casinos. There are typically two bonus types that BGaming casinos will offer: a welcome bonus and deposit bonuses. Casinos offer a welcome bonus to entice players to join their site. Typically, these welcome bonuses offer a few hundred in whatever currency you choose for gambling. Some casinos will even provide the equivalent of a thousand or two Euros or dollars. This bonus will come as a match, so when you make your first deposit, you’ll receive a matching amount that you will have to wager a certain number of times to cash out.

As you continue to play BGaming games, the best casinos will incentivize you to make deposits by offering bonuses on those future transactions. So, you may receive a promotion offering a 100% match if you deposit on Tuesdays. These deposit bonuses help give players some added money for their loyalty!

Best BGaming Casinos

As a relatively new gaming provider, BGaming does not have as many casinos as some of the other ones. However, the best BGaming casinos offer a rock-solid welcome bonus, plenty of future incentives, fast deposits, lightning withdrawals, and fantastic customer service. At GambleGuys, we review casinos on the above criteria all the time. You can find the best casinos that offer these games by searching for BGaming on our site. From the list that pops up, you can read the casino reviews and pick the perfect place for you!

BGaming Casinos: This Provider Has an Exciting Future!

With numerous games that are already hit and some genuinely innovative technologies (like the Provably Fair concept), BGaming has already hit many of the right notes. Considering they have only been open for business since 2018, their trajectory has been phenomenal. Any online gamer would be well-advised to check out some of these games at their favourite online destinations. Indeed, it will be fantastic to see what new games come out from this provider within the next five or so years! This developer has an exciting future ahead of it, and players globally will benefit.

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