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Misery Mining Slot Review

Launched on March 15, 2022, Misery Mining slot by Nolimit City has quickly become one of the standard pokies you’ll find at online casinos all across the internet. Many popular casinos, including ones we have reviewed here at GambleGuys, now offer Nolimit City games, including Misery Mining. With an interesting name and an even more exciting storyline, the question for prospective gamblers is whether or not this online slot is worth trying out at your favorite best pokies casino? As we’ll see in this Misery Mining slot review, the answer is almost unequivocally yes!

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Misery Mining Slot Theme

The developers behind this slot are well-known for creating somewhat outlandish game concepts. Misery Mining is no exception. As you can probably guess from the name, the slot has a mining theme. You follow a dwarf and his companion, a rat, searching for liquid gold. The slot has incredible music that sets the atmosphere for this dark and mysterious game. Initially, you’ll see a 3×3 reel that seems small (since it doesn’t offer many ways to win); however, with exploding wild bombs, that small reel can open up to become a 7×7 board providing a mind-boggling 823,543 ways to win! One of the most impressive aspects of this slot is its graphic fidelity. The symbols are intricate and detailed. The colour palette, although filled with many browns, is equally well-designed. This slot is refreshing in a world of games filled with bright neon colours and gimmicks. It’s sombre and the perfect mood you would expect for a game about “Misery Mining!”

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How to Play Misery Mining

As with most slots, playing Misery Mining is pretty straightforward. At its core, all you need to do is press the spin button, and the slot does all the work from there! The reels will spin, and you’ll know the game’s outcome once the animations stop. However, prospective players should know some additional aspects of the game. First, there is an autoplay feature. Enabling Autoplay will automatically spin the reels until the outcome of the games meet the specific criteria you set. You can specify a maximum number of rounds: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, or 1,000. Additionally, you can tell the game to stop auto-spinning when a single win exceeds an amount you set, the balance is lower than 0%, 50%, or 75% of your starting amount, or the balance is higher than 150%, 200%, or 500% of your initial amount. These autoplay settings are somewhat primitive, but they should do the trick for most people! If you don’t want to see the reel animations and cascading symbol drops take as long as they do by default, you can set a “quick spin” mode to stop many of the animations and get to the outcome quicker. Given how cool many of the reel spins are, most people will probably keep this option off unless you’re trying to play as fast as possible. Finally, the only other time you will need to interact with the game is to select which bonus you want to take. Details are coming up in the next section of this Mystery Mining slot review, which discusses the bonuses and other symbols you will encounter in this game!

Misery Mining Symbols and Bonus Features

There are 11 total symbols that players may encounter in this game. These symbols are:

  • Coin or cart (either a scatter or bomb, depending on the scenario)
  • Miner
  • Rat
  • Whiskey
  • Compass
  • Pipe
  • A, K, Q, J, and 10

The coin symbol has two purposes. If there are three that show up in the game, they will act to trigger the bonus. However, if there are less than three in the game, they will turn into bombs that clear out the coin’s space and all surrounding spaces. The game area will expand if the explosion goes outside the current game bounds. For example, if the board is 3×3 and the bomb is in the upper-left corner, the game will become 4×4. If the bomb is in the middle left, the game will become 3×4. With enough bombs, it’s possible to get a game board with a whopping 7×7 spaces! That is nearly unheard of in most slots.

Scatter Bonus

Aside from the bombs that show up to expand the pay lines and provide more opportunities to win, there is only one bonus in the game – and that triggers when there are three scatter symbols (three coins) anywhere in the game area. If you get these symbols, you’ll have the option to play one of two bonuses, called “Mouse Mode” and “Rat Mode.” Mouse Mode gives you eight spins, while Rat Mode gives you three initial spins, but if any one of those three spins “wins,” the counter resets to three. Mouse mode is less volatile than Rat Mode, but the documentation says that the optimal RTP occurs if you choose Mouse Mode. Therefore, if you want to play strictly with the odds, select the “safer” option when you get a bonus.

There’s quite a bit of nuance to the way the bonus game works, but the gist is that various “carts” will come along the top of the reels. The coins you had in the initial game will change positions randomly. The carts will come across the top of the reels and stop. If they stop over the coin, the multiplier will drop down to the coin, and that amount gets added to the left or right side. The game then adds the amount on the left or right side to a total overall multiplier. You’ll get that multiplier of your bet at the end of the game. For example, if you’re betting one unit per spin, and the game pays 100x, you’ll get 100 units of your currency at the bonus game’s end.

It’s an exciting bonus that can pay out remarkably well if you are lucky!

Misery Mining Odds and Payouts

There are a total of ten symbols that payout in the game. The exact payouts are a little complex because of the possibility of having anywhere between three and seven rows and columns active at any given time; however, here’s a rough breakdown of what you can expect to receive for each symbol!

  • Miner: 1.40x your bet at the minimum, 16x your bet at max.
  • Rat: 1.15x your bet at least, 10.5x your bet at most.
  • Whiskey: 1x your wager at minimum, 7.75x your bet at max.
  • Compass: 0.9x your bet at least, 6.25x your stake at most.
  • Pipe: 0.8x your wager at minimum, 5.25x your stake at most.
  • Ace: 0.65x your bet at least, 4.25x your wager at most.
  • King: 0.5x your bet at minimum, 3.75x your wager at max.
  • Queen: 0.35x your wager at least, 3.25x your bet at most.
  • Jack: 0.25x your bet at least, 2.75x your stake at most.
  • 10: 0.15x your wager at minimum, 2x your bet at max.

As you can see from this Misery Mining review, the best symbol is the Miner, which can pay out quite well if you get many of them in your game!

Misery Mining RTP and Volatility

When looking at slots, it’s essential to look at how well a slot plays (in this case, it’s a lot of fun) and how much a slot pays. After all, a slot might be entertaining, but if your odds of winning on it are low, it won’t be enjoyable to see your bankroll depreciating rapidly. The two ways to measure how much a slot pays are RTP (return-to-player) and volatility. The RTP for Nolimit City’s Misery Mining is 96.09%. Put another way, for every dollar, pound, Euro, or other currency you spend in this machine, you will get 0.9609 dollars, pounds, Euros, or other currency back. The house edge will keep 3.91% or 0.0391 of every unit of your money. The higher the RTP (and lower the house edge), the more money, statistically speaking, you’ll keep on each spin!

This RTP is around average for an online slot. Some online games pay more, but a fair number have percentages around 95%. Land-based casinos typically have RTP rates of 93% or below, so playing Misery Mining slot has better odds, mathematically, than most casinos you’ll find in places like Vegas. The other measure, volatility, determines how often the slot pays out. A machine with low volatility has small, frequent wins. A high-volatility machine has significant, less-frequent wins. Misery Mining is high-volatility, meaning you’ll win more but less frequently. Many people like the high-volatility slots because they tend to be more exciting when you win! Therefore, the high volatility counts as an overall win in this Misery Mining review.

Who Makes Misery Mining?

Nolimit City makes the Misery Mining slot. These developers are well-known for creating fun and quirky games that many of the world’s leading casinos now offer. Some of the more popular Nolimit City slots include Mental, Evil Goblins Xbomb, Punk Toilet, Tombstone RIP, and True Grit Redemption. These slots are all very unique in that they feature themes and material typically not found with other providers. They’re all a little more “controversial” or “edgy,” which often makes them a delight to play. Of course, casinos recognize this, which is why Nolimit City is popping up at any most played slots casino!

Can You Play Misery Mining on Mobile?

As with most modern online slots, you can play Misery Mining at your favorite most played slots casino on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, including iPhones and Androids. The small form factor of mobile phones sometimes makes playing slots challenging; however, this is not the case with Misery Mining. This particular slot’s somewhat unique playing style makes it a fantastic game to play on mobile. Indeed, whether you play on a widescreen desktop monitor or your small (by comparison) iPhone, you will feel like you’re getting the same experience on both devices!

Misery Mining Slot Review: Despite the Name, It’s a Fun Slot!

As you can see from this Misery Mining slot review, this is a fun game! The bonus is incredibly entertaining, especially when you get the three-dollar sign symbols and two carts. That almost always means you’re in for a pretty substantial win! Additionally, this slot has a beautiful design with incredibly detailed work. It is truly an enjoyable experience. If you happen to see Misery Mining the next time you load up your favorite casino, check it out! And, if your casino doesn’t have this particular slot, you can always find all the best slots casino with Nolimit City slots here on GambleGuys!

Play Misery Mining at Blue Leo Casino

  • Exciting Mining Theme
  • Good RTP
  • By Nolimit City

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RTP: 96.09%
Game Type
Game Type: Pokies
Provider: NolimitCity
Popularity: High

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