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Jammin’ Jars Pokie Review

Certain pokies are just fun. They have a cool theme, fantastic music, and they’re the perfect combination of exciting, entertaining, and relaxing, all at the same time. That’s Jammin’ Jars by Push Gaming. This somewhat unique, enjoyable online slot machine has been a fan favourite since its original introduction. It’s been such a favourite that Push Gaming has released Jammin’ Jars 2 in 2021. As we’ll see in this Jammin’ Jars pokie review, it’s one of the best pokies available! Without further ado, let’s get into what makes this slot so fun and unique (and why you should try it out at any of the Push Gaming casinos!).

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Jammin’ Jars Slot Theme

Part of what makes Jammin’ Jars such a fun time is the game’s theme. If you have ever played Candy Crush or similar games, you’ll feel right at home with Jammin’ Jars.  This slot features an 8×8 board that fills up with various fruits. The board itself is against a disco backdrop, and occasionally, the disco lights will turn on, and different groups on the board will combine to be one big fruit. Instead of a strawberry taking up one space, for example, you might have nine spaces – 3×3 – that are all strawberries after this bonus. All in all, it’s a fun, colourful theme that works remarkably well. You’ll quickly become immersed in this world of fruits, disco, and jars!

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How To Play Jammin’ Jars

Jammin’ Jars’ success is also mainly because of its simplicity. You won’t need any strategy or to know about any bonuses or hidden features to play this game! The bottom bar has a few controls – spin once, spin multiple times, adjust the bet, and help. Once you set your bet amount to whatever you feel comfortable with (start small if you’re testing a game!), you can then choose whether to spin once or engage the auto-spin feature.

Jammin’ Jars’ auto-spin capabilities are pretty advanced compared with many other games. You can set the maximum number of spins you want to do, the maximum loss you’re willing to take, and a single win limit (which, if exceeded, will stop the spinning). This granularity means you can do something like, “do 100 spins, but if I lose $20 or I win $50, stop spinning.” It’s an excellent way to set some boundaries for your auto-spins and not have to worry that they are running amok, eating into your account balance!

Jammin’ Jars Symbols and Bonus Features

As noted above, this game is relatively simple to play. As you might expect, there are a limited number of symbols and straightforward bonus features. There are seven symbols that you’ll need to know in the game:

  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Raspberry
  • Apple
  • Plum
  • Blueberry
  • Jam Jar

The strawberry is the most valuable of the standard symbols, while the blueberry is the least useful. The jam jar acts as a wild and will also have an increasing multiplier. Every spin you make in this slot will feature some combination of these seven basic symbols. As for the bonus features, there are three you need to know during this game.

Jam Jars

As we’ve noted earlier in this Jammin’ Jars pokie review, the jam jar is both a symbol and a bonus feature. When you get a jam jar, it acts as a wild, so if you have five symbols in a group, including the jar, they’ll clear off. However, the jar will remain. And with each clearing, its multiplier will increase by one. So, as a quick example, if you have five blueberries and the jar, that will clear off at 1x the payout. Then, if the jar falls into a position with five oranges and the jar, that will clear at a 2x payout. The multiplier resets, of course, for the next spin but anything that clears with that jar on the same spin benefits from the added multiplier.  This multiplier increase keeps going until you start getting some massive wins! Eventually, everything you clear off will be at 10x or more, which can make for some impressive payouts!

Free Spins

If you get three jams anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger the free spins bonus. This bonus is unique and has the potential for some massive wins. Any jam jars that are part of winning combinations will remain for all subsequent spins. The fact that these are sticky means that you will have a much better shot at winning big! It’s worth noting that these types of online games typically do not have a free spins bonus, so that makes this game relatively unique among the crowd!

Rainbow Feature

Finally, the Rainbow Feature is where the disco background will start grooving, and you’ll see a rainbow fall down the reels. Giant fruit pieces will appear on your reels, and they will replace anything that’s already there. These vast pieces then “split up,” and the underlying symbol occupies the same number of spaces as the piece overlayed. The Rainbow Feature is how you can get some more substantial wins – especially if the pieces of fruit happen to match well with others on the board.

Jammin’ Jars Slot Odds and Payouts

Jammin’ Jars has some relatively good odds, and each spin can win a lot of money. First, the maximum win possible (and that has occurred in actual gameplay) is 20,000x the original bet. In other words, if you bet $1, you can win up to $20,000 on a single spin. Secondly, the payouts depend on the number of symbols you match at any given time. Match more symbols in a cluster, and you’ll receive more money! However, with that said, the ranges (expressed as multiples of the original bet) from five symbols at the lowest to 25+ at the highest are as follows:

  • Blueberry: 0.1x to 10x
  • Plum: 0.15x to 25x
  • Apple: 0.15x to 25x
  • Raspberry: 0.25x to 37.5x
  • Orange: 0.5x to 62.5x
  • Strawberry: 1x to 100x

As a quick example to illustrate the above, if you were betting $1 and got five blueberries in a cluster, you would receive $0.10 for that match. However, if there were 25+ blueberries, you would get back $10. As astute readers of our Jammin’ Jars slot review are likely thinking, there are eight rows and eight columns for the slot machine. Therefore, there are only 64 spaces in total. So, to match twenty-five spaces consecutively is very, very unlikely.

Therefore, most of the wins don’t come from matching large spaces. Most of them come from the multipliers that the jam jars offer. As noted above, these jars act as wilds and increase with each winning combination they help. For example, if you get lucky and have a 3x jam jar with even ten strawberry symbols on the board, you’ll receive 15x your money. If you get extraordinarily fortunate and do that with 25+, you’ll get 300x your money. The point is: the jam jars and a modest amount of symbols will get you some decent wins!

Jammin’ Jars RTP and Volatility

Jammin’ Jars has one of the highest payouts of the Push Gaming portfolio. Its RTP is 96.83%, which is high even for online slots and exceedingly high compared with slots in a land-based casino. It also has high volatility. So, while the wins you have might be fewer than some other online slots, the payouts will, in theory, be larger! If you can afford to pay a high volatility slot, they often are the most entertaining as they have the chance for the highest payouts.

Who Makes This Game?

Push Gaming produces Jammin’ Jars. Founded in 2010 by James Marshall and Winston Lee, this company initially aimed to transform land-based games and port them online. A few years later, they made the wise decision to develop a custom portfolio of intellectual property. Now, they are one of the world’s leading online slot developers. There are 18 Push Gaming slots and counting, including Dinopolis, Land of Zenith, Razor Shark, Mystery Museum, and Wheel of Wonders. Indeed, these developers are so prolific because they have a portfolio with such a wide variety of games and themes!

Can Jammin’ Jars Be Played on Mobile?

If you like to game online using your mobile device, you’re in good hands with Jammin’ Jars! This online slot game is 100% compatible with all mobile devices, including iPhones, Androids, iPads, and other tablets. Of course, Jammin’ Jars also works on the desktop, including 2-in-1s which give you a touchscreen on a PC. As expected with all new pokies casino, matter the device you’re using, Jammin’ Jars will work perfectly! 

Our Opinion About Jammin’ Jars: You Must Try This Pokie!

As you can probably see from our Jammin’ Jars pokie review, this is one of the best Push Gaming slots there is. It’s fun, exciting, and relaxing, all at the same time. There’s something just enjoyable about loading up all these colourful symbols and watching them dance across the screen. Considering that this slot has high volatility and a high RTP of 96.83%, well, that only makes this slot even better! If you’re looking to try one of the best slots, Jammin’ Jars is the way to go! Be sure to check it out on one of our recommended Push Gaming casinos. 

Play Jammin' Jars at Monte Cryptos

  • RTP 96.83%
  • Created by Push Gaming
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices

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RTP: 96.83%
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Game Type: Pokies
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