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Cash Truck Slot Review

The developers behind Cash Truck have been making online pokies for quite a while. Indeed, it was 2011 when Quickspin first came into existence, and since then, it has produced some of the hottest online slots for gamblers worldwide. Released in 2022, the Cash Truck slot has quickly become one of the more common slots at online casinos. It has an exciting name that sounds like a world of adventure awaits anyone who plays it! Does it live up to the hype, and should you try it in your favorite most played slots casino? Find out in our Cash Truck review!

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Cash Truck Slot Theme

Dystopian themes are increasingly common in literature, gaming, and movies. What was once a bit more of a niche concept has suddenly become pretty mainstream. Zombie apocalypses, alien invasions, or a futuristic society lacking hope are all common in media. Cash Truck is a slot with a dystopian theme. Set sometime in the future, the premise of this slot is that you are following a truck filled with cash in the desert. Presumably, resources are scarce, and the only way people can survive is by raiding these trucks. As you may imagine, the colors of this game reflect that dystopian future. You see darker colors, including browns, grays, and others. The overall mood appears to be a little more serious, keeping with the dystopian future. In some respects, it looks like an old-school arcade game where you’d take the role of a character in the future that has to fight off a bunch of bad guys. If you’re into video games and movies set in a rugged future, this slot is for you! There is an incredible amount of detail in this game. From the sign on the road advertising the distance to the next fuel stop to the symbols themselves, the artwork is intricate and well-thought-out. There are no symbols that look out of place and no elements that would puzzle a player. It all seems pretty cohesive, perfect for people to become immersed in the action!

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How to Play Cash Truck

As with most slots, playing Cash Truck is remarkably simple. You need to hit the spin button (located in the middle of the right-hand side), and the reels will spin. After the game is over, you’ll receive the payout, assuming the reels resulted in a winning combination, or you might go to the bonus round (more on that later).

There are a few extra things to note when you play this slot. First, if you want to play the game faster, you can press the turbo-speed toggle (second from the top on the right). Selecting this option will make each spin quicker so you can see the outcome sooner, rather than waiting for the reel animations to complete at normal speed.

Secondly, if you don’t like clicking spin all the time, you can use the auto-spin feature that this slot has (second icon from the bottom on the right-hand side). This autoplay feature has a basic mode and an advanced mode. In the basic model, you set the number of spins you want the game to make on your behalf. If you put 50, for example, the game will automatically spin 50 times. You can stop that at any time. When you click on “Advanced,” a new set of options appears for both a “loss limit” and a “single win limit.” If you set either of those conditions and they hit before all your spins complete, the game will automatically stop spinning on your behalf. The loss limit feature is handy if you want to spin automatically, but you don’t want to lose more than a certain amount in the session.

Lastly, you can set the total bet using the bottom-most “stacked coin” icon on the right-hand side. While the ranges may vary for your currency, they’re typically 0.20 units through 100 units (so $0.20 per spin, for example, through $100).

Cash Truck Symbols and Bonus Features

There are a total of 13 symbols that you might see during each regular spin round:

  • Bonus
  • Wild
  • Yellow Man
  • Purple Man
  • Green Man
  • Blue Man
  • Gas Can
  • Stop Sign Saw
  • Barbed Baseball Bat
  • Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club (standard playing card suits)

Depending on how many bonus symbols you had in the play area, the bonus symbol can trigger one of two games.

Second Chance (Two Symbols)

You’ll trigger the second chance game if you see two bonus symbols in the play area. This game opens up three additional spots at the top of the game and removes all the symbols in the play area except for the two bonus ones. You will then get the next set of symbols that cascade down. The idea here, of course, is that you are receiving a second chance at hitting a bonus – if one more bonus symbol appears in the play area, you’ll start the Truck Raider game!

Truck Raider (Three Symbols)

Truck Raider is a fantastic bonus game that is a joy to play. While there is some nuance to the game, the overall gist is that you will start with an empty truck (i.e. no symbols in the usual spots). The game will give you three spins. As long as one new symbol shows up on the board, the game will reset to three spins.

As the reels spin, spots will fill with cash icons that increase the multiplier. So, for example, you might have a cash symbol with “2x” – that will increase the overall win multiplied by two. You can get other symbols, like an Expander (which increases the play area) or a Grabber. Perhaps the most impactful symbol is the Doubler. That symbol keeps doubling its multiplier with every round that adds to the overall multiplier. As a quick example, let’s say you get the Doubler on spin one. It will add 1x to the multiplier and double itself to be 2x. Then, let’s say spin two has a cash icon. The Doubler will add 2x to the overall and make itself 4x. As you can imagine, if you keep winning in the bonus rounds, the Doubler can create some monster wins! Once you have three spins in a row without any new symbols on the board, the game ends, and you win your current bet times the bonus game’s final multiplier. It’s an exciting game!

Cash Truck Odds and Payouts

While there are 13 symbols that you may encounter during each spin, there are only 11 that have a payout (wild substitutes for the highest-paying symbol where appropriate, and three bonus symbols trigger the Truck Raider bonus round).

For the 11 symbols that do pay money, the paytable is as follows:

  • Yellow Man: 1x your bet for three symbols, 2x your bet for four, and 5x for five.
  • Purple Man: 0.5x your wager for three, 0.8x your wager for four, and 2x your bet for five symbols.
  • Green Man: 0.4x your bet for three symbols, 0.6x your wager for four and 1.6x your bet for five.
  • Blue Man: 0.3x your wager for three symbols, 0.5x your bet for four, and 1.2x for five.
  • Gas Can: 0.25x for three, 0.4x for four, and 1x for five.
  • Stop Sign Saw and Barbed Baseball Bat: 0.2x for three, 0.3x for four, and 0.8x for five.
  • Heart, Diamond, Spade, and Club: 0.1x your wager for three symbols, 0.2x your wager for four, and 0.6x your bet for five.

Wild will substitute for any symbol to make a winning combination. If you get three-to-five wilds in a row, they’ll all act as Yellow Man for 1x to 5x your bet, depending on how many you got!

Cash Truck RTP and Volatility

RTP stands for return-to-player and measures how well a slot pays, statistically speaking. A higher RTP means higher returns for the player over the long haul. The RTP for Cash Truck sits at 96%. That RTP is a bit on the low side for an online slot, but it is worth mentioning that 96% is still higher than you typically find at a land-based casino. If you go to a place like Las Vegas, you’ll generally play slots with an RTP of 93% or lower. Volatility measures how frequent (and how big) the potential wins are. Low-volatility slots pay more frequently, but each payout is smaller. By contrast, high-volatility slots pay less regularly, but they can pay remarkably well when they do pay. Most people prefer high-volatility slots because they tend to be more exciting. Fortunately for most players, Cash Truck ranks as a high volatility slot. Expect to see substantial wins for this game, but with less frequency!

Who Makes Cash Truck?

The studio behind the Cash Truck slot is a smaller company named Quickspin. Located in Sweden, Quickspin is behind many of the best slots online gamers love. Some other Quickspin slots include Ticket to the Stars, Polar Paws, Loco Monkey, Big Bad Wolf, Reno 7’s, and many more. Despite their somewhat short history, dozens of Quickspin slots are available in almost any most-played slots casino!

Can You Play Cash Truck on Mobile?

Yes, Cash Truck is playable on a mobile device. Whether you’re gaming on an iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, you’ll have the ability to enjoy Cash Truck. While some slots have difficulty adjusting to a mobile device’s aspect ratio, it’s worth noting that this slot does not have that challenge. You’ll not only be able to play Cash Truck on your phone, but you’ll be able to enjoy it thoroughly at any best slots casino!

Cash Truck Slot Review: You’ll Want to Take a Shot at This Truck

As you can see from this review, there’s a lot to love about the Cash Truck slot. Quickspin did a remarkable job creating a beautiful game that is exciting to play. The bonus game is enjoyable, especially if you get Doublers, Boosters, and Expanders. It’s such an exhilarating experience to watch the spaces fill up and the multiplier increases! If you are looking for a new slot to try, Cash Truck should be at the top of your list. It’s fun, exciting, and visually exciting. If you don’t have Cash Truck at your favorite casino, consider looking for Quickspin casinos on GambleGuys. You’re sure to find the best slots casino with Quickspin games here!

Play Cash Truck at Rolling Slots Casino

  • By Quickspin
  • Exciting Theme
  • Good Odds

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RTP: 96%
Game Type
Game Type: Pokies
Provider: QuickSpin
Popularity: High

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