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Blackjack is arguably the most commonly known and played casino game. Many people, who would otherwise never venture into Pai Gow, craps, or other table games, will happily sit at a blackjack table and play. Part of what makes the game so compelling is its simplicity. Try and get as close as possible to 21 without going over and beat the dealer in the process. Over the years, many gaming enterprises have tried to spice up this game by offering more variants. One of the newer online variants is Infinite Blackjack live casino, offered by Evolution. It’s standard blackjack with a twist. Of course, the question for our readers is whether or not this version is any good. We’ll give you the short answer: it’s an entertaining and easy game to play! Here’s our guide to Infinite Blackjack so you can learn more about what makes this twist on an old classic so enjoyable!

infinite blackjack live casino

How To Play Infinite Blackjack In A Live Casino

Part of what makes Evolution’s gaming portfolio so strong is that they produce easy-to-learn games. Infinite Blackjack live casino is no exception to that rule. If you’re wondering how to play Infinite Blackjack, here’s what you need to know.

The game starts like any other blackjack game, but with a slight twist that makes it “infinite.” There are technically a limitless number of players at the table at any given point in time. The dealer will deal four cards to start. Two face-up cards will go to the players, and two cards (one up and one down as in traditional blackjack) will go to the dealer. The two face-up cards will be the initial hand for every single player at the table. So, for example, if the initial two cards to the players are a Jack and an Ace, everyone at the table will instantly win. 

Assuming it’s not an instant win or loss scenario, every player will have the opportunity to play their hand as they see fit. The cards come out of the shoe face up and go into a card reader that sits on the table. That card reader takes the card, creates a digital version of it, and shows that to the current player.  The fact that only the dealer cards ever remain on the table at any given point is how this version of blackjack can offer limitless seats.

All the bets are similar to traditional blackjack, but there are various side bets you can place. Most people will find the user interface to be very familiar. You’ll click or drag your chips, and you’ll see a menu with options to hit, stay, or do any of the other standard blackjack operations as necessary. The only “twist” on the game is that it gives all players the same starting hand. Other than that, anyone who has played any of the live blackjack variants will feel right at home here! There are no tricks for how to play Infinite Blackjack. It’s all very intuitive for anyone playing at one of the Infinite Blackjack best casinos!

Play Infinite Blackjack at the Best Casinos

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Infinite Blackjack Bonus Games And Features

As mentioned in the intro, some side bets and variations help make Infinite Blackjack a little more interesting than the traditional blackjack you’ll find at the casinos. The rule difference that Infinite Blackjack live casino allows is the Six Card Charlie. This rule is quite simple – if you get six cards, you instantly win. An example of this could be getting a two and a three on the first deal. Then you hit for a five, do another hit for a two, and hit again and get a seven. The total is 19, but you’ll instantly win because you have six cards as part of your hand.

There are also four different side bets that you can do:

  • Any Pair
  • 21+3
  • Hot 3
  • Bust It

The Any Pair side bet, as the name implies, will payout on any given perfect pair. An example would be getting an Ace and an Ace. Any pair will pay 8-1, but a suited pair (Ace of clubs and Ace of clubs, for example) delivers an impressive 25-1!

The 21+3 side bet has a confusing name, but it’s an exciting bet to make. This bet considers your two initial cards and the dealer’s face-up card (so three cards total). It pays based on poker rankings. A flush pays 5-1, while suited trips pay 100-1! A straight, three of a kind, and a straight flush will pay 10-1, 30-1, and 40-1, respectively.

The Hot 3 side bet also takes into consideration the same three cards. It pays so long as the three cards sum to 19, 20, or 21. If all three cards are seven (7-7-7), you’ll win 100-1!

Finally, the Bust It side bet is merely wagering that the dealer will bust. It pays based on the number of cards it takes to go bust. Three cards pay 1-1 while needing eight or more cards to go bust will pay 250-1. The side bets and the Six Card Charlie rule help keep the blackjack game enjoyable – even for people who have played live blackjack variants a while!

Infinite Blackjack Strategies

There are no significant strategy deviations for Infinite Blackjack than what you would do for regular blackjack. Many sites have the optimum betting chart and what you’ll want to do to maximize your odds is the same here. However, since there are side bets and the Six Card Charlie rule, you may want to modify some of your strategies.

First, the Six Card Charlie rule presents some interesting situations where it may be more advantageous to hit if you have five cards and go for the instant win than stay and wait for what the dealer has. For example, if you have five cards and a soft 20, you’ll want to hit instead of stay. A hit will never bust and thus guarantees you the win. There are optimum strategy charts that show what to do when considering the Six Card Charlie rule.

As for the side bets, there’s no strategy there as they all rely on luck. The expected return-to-player ranges between 94% and 96%. The highest return percentage is the 21+3 bet at 96.3%. The lowest is the Bust It bet at 94.12%.

Since each of these side bets has lower odds than optimally-played blackjack, it’s not advisable to take these side bets mathematically. However, the most you’ll win when you play blackjack is 1.5x your wager if you hit a blackjack – with the side bets, you can win up to 250-1. Placing a few side bets can sometimes be an excellent way to try and have a “windfall” at the table. Indeed, the odds are no worse than most slot machines!

Infinite Blackjack Live Casino Provider

The developer behind the Infinite Blackjack live casino game is one of the best in the industry. Evolution has numerous popular live casino games, including:

Indeed, Evolution has quickly become one of the leaders in the live casino space. They are behind the NetEnt pokies, have plenty of live game shows, and generally have the best live casino games. The company has its headquarters in Sweden and is on the NASDAQ Stockholm under the ticker symbol EVO. They have approximately 6,000 employees worldwide and broadcast many of their games from locations all across the United States. In other words, players should have the utmost confidence playing Infinite Blackjack. Evolution is one of the biggest names in this space, and you can have confidence that your game will be fair. 

Play Infinite Blackjack Live At Online Casinos

Infinite Blackjack is a fun take on an old classic. It’s blackjack but at a quicker pace, with real cards, and has plenty of side bets to keep things interesting. Those side bets also provide players with the opportunity to win more than double their money – for example, if you put $5 on the Bust It side bet, and it takes eight or more cards for the dealer to bust, you’d win a cool $1,250. Including the Six Card Charlie rule gives better odds than not including it. And, since blackjack pays 3:2 and the dealer stands on 17, the odds are already quite good!

All in all, we’d recommend giving one of the best casinos with Infinite Blackjack a try. With excellent odds, fast action, and a professional video feed, there’s a good chance it will become one of your go-to games in the future!

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